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Oliver Latin America

Art Director

Currently, I work as an Art Director at Microsoft Americas in Oliver, creating assets for Microsoft products such as Copilot, Azure, Microsoft 365, Teams and Power Platform across Canada, Brazil, and Latin America.


Oliver Latin America

Art Director

I worked as the Art Director at Nestlé in Oliver. I conceptualized projects for renowned brands such as Starbucks, Nescafé, Nescau, Alpino, Maggi, Nature's Heart, Ninho and Moça.



Digital Media Design

I specialize in Digital Media Design with a focus on Visual Design and User Experience, which I obtained a degree in from the São Paulo State Technological College.




I worked in the Communication department at Banco Bradesco, where I was responsible for supporting the creation of visual identities for communication products and visual harmonization in corporate and executive presentations.



Graphic Arts

I also worked at the Jornal Estado de São Paulo in the Graphic Arts department, performing creative functions such as image color correction and retouch.


How Education

UX Design & Acessibility

Certified in User Experience Design by How Education, I specialized my studies in User-Centered Design and Digital Accessibility with a focus on visually impaired people.

I believe that creativity has transformative power and should not be solely about seeking aesthetic solutions, but also an opportunity to address real-world problems and contribute to positive changes in society 🌎 


"I appreciate Pedro's promptness and agility in the work, and I highlight the interest he showed in truly understanding the topic in order to better serve us."

Samuel Pavan

Senior IT Process Analyst at Bradesco

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