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Go Out! Leading surprising leisure experiences

Tags > Visual Design | UX & UI | 2020

Go Out is a project whose main objective is to redefine leisure experiences during the period of social isolation caused by the Coronavirus pandemic, through a dynamic application that allows the execution of in-person activities done remotely.

During the quarantine period caused by the Corona Virus, many people are dissatisfied with being isolated for a long period of time. Many problems are reported, including the difficulty of finding leisure and experiencing their favorite activities, which were previously done in person before the quarantine. Tiago suffers from anxiety issues, and due to the social isolation period, many of his favorite activities cannot be carried out, which aggravates his anxiety and becomes an even bigger problem. From this perspective, we can perceive the need to provide unique experiences that alleviate people's pain during this period of social isolation.

During the project construction, I build the project based on the Double Diamond method, attributing the project development stages to the divisions of the two diamonds. The structure worked in basically two phases: first, understanding the problem, and then exploring alternative solutions. I contemplated phases of research and data indexing, up to interface design and construction of flows that would compose the prototypes. 

My goal was to create a digital solution that provides users with the practice of leisure in the comfort of their home, transferring leisure activities traditionally done in person through remote models, completing the studies by December 2020.

Here, you can find the complete methodology, the solution devised by me, and the entire creative process.

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