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Lego Wedding

Tags > Visual Design | 3D Design | 2023

Weddings are a special moment in the life of two people who decide to unite their paths. It is a day of celebration, love, and a lot of emotions. However, for many couples, the idea of creating a wedding party that is unique, memorable, and that reflects their personalities can be a challenge. With so many decoration options, it is easy to fall into routine and end up with a party that does not stand out. But imagine being able to build everything you've ever dreamed of, in miniature, and with LEGO pieces?

Arranging the flowers with three-dimensional petals

Next level: Wedding! Second player unlocked

Classy wedding invitation design

This project was a great opportunity to showcase my skills in visual design, 3D modeling, and branding by creating a unique and personalized solution for a couple seeking a visual representation of their "gamer" personalities. The final result was rewarding and perfectly reflected the style and personality of the newlyweds. I appreciate Ricardo and Débora for trusting my creative abilities to create such a special moment in their lives and for their guests. Here, you can find the complete methodology, the solution devised by me, and the entire creative process.

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